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Founding Principles of the South Carolina Labor Party

We are a party of the working people of South Carolina. Employed and unemployed, men and women, native born and immigrant, we are the ones who have made this state great. Yet we do not share, and have never shared, in South Carolina's prosperity; nor do we have a voice in our state's future.

For too long, we have watched the other political parties make concession after concession to the corporations that rule this state while our jobs have disappeared, our incomes have eroded and our children have gone uneducated. We are tired of the politics of fear and division that keep us divided and weak. We understand that only a party that is run by and for working people can speak to our real concerns.

We will conduct a never-ending campaign to secure the promise of the American Dream of opportunity, fairness and justice for all South Carolinians.

We will fight to create and preserve decent jobs and living wages for all who want to work.

We will work to establish the right to universal and quality health care in our state.

We believe that every South Carolinian deserves equal and free access to educational opportunity from pre-school through college to the maximum of their human potential.

We stand for fair taxes, a secure retirement and worker protections on the job.

Our candidates will pledge to enact and enforce laws that benefit the vast majority of South Carolinians who work for a living.

Our candidates will not accept corporate money.

We will not compromise these values. Unlike other parties, we do not need permission from corporations and major funders to do what is right for the people of South Carolina. Unlike other parties, we will be active before, during and between elections, building solidarity in our communities and workplaces.

We are the South Carolina Labor Party.
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